VLP drummer James Montgomery drums stolen!

. In the early morning hours of Monday Dec 28th, 2009, James Montgomery’s (drummer of The Vince Lujan Project) vehicle was broken into and all of his drum equipment (equipment that he uses for VLP performances and other personal engagements) was stolen while his car was parked in the driveway of his home. This news hit the entire VLP team extremely hard. With so many new challenges to face in 2010, saving up to replace stolen drum equipment that is imperative for performing is not something the band anticipated having to do.

Here’s a little of what band leader, Vince Lujan, had to say about hearing the news that James’ hard earned kit had been stolen:

“You know, if it wasn’t for James I probably wouldn’t be trying to pursue “the band” thing right now. I had pretty much given up hope on that until he came along. He’s the type of guy that never asks anything for himself and has worked above and beyond of what a normal band member would do to help me realize this vision of making music together. He deserves above and beyond what I can give on my own.”

As fans of The Vince Lujan Project, you can help. Included in this email is a line itemized list with prices of the equipment James Montgomery needs to replace. Any amount will help us knock down this seemingly large request. Our official webpage VLP email list alone includes over 350 loyal fans. If all of us give a little something, it’ll add up to a whole lot.

You can donate right now to help James Montgomery by clicking here, or sending donations to:
The Vince Lujan Project – James Montgomery Drum Fund
PO Box 1374
Denton, TX 76202

We will be sending/posting updates of our progress of helping James Montgomery replace his stolen equipment. You can send him encouraging messages through our VLP website by signing our guest book or posting on Facebook, & Myspace.