Full band studio cuts of "SSLS" and "Cooler than Water"

***site updates*** Listen to the full band studio cuts of "SSLS" and "Cooler than Water" on this site!!

hey everybody! Check out the Sounds page for new stuff on the music player & downloads of the band at work. Hear rehearsal takes, scratch studio tracks, and more!!

Vince would like to thank fellow musician Josh Ello (violin/guitar/vocal) who graciously agreed to let us use a couple tracks (Sehla & Cooler Than Water) from a little bit ago while we finish up in the studio. Check him out at www.ellomusic.com & http://www.myspace.com/joshuaello .

The recording process is coming along pretty well, but tedious. Close to completion is a track entitled 'S.S.L.S.' (Sad, Sappy, Love Song) a tune from Vince's early days as a writer that the band has gone back over and revamped. Also in the works, is the groove tune 'Cooler Than Water' which, other than lacking a few solos & a vocal, is about ready to go.